Bath and Body Oil

Bath and Body Oil

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These luxurious mix of jojoba, camellia, grape seed, argon, calendula oil, and hemp oil along with a blend of essential oils, will sure moisturize, leaving you feeling loved.

For dry or damp skin- Use a few drops in your bath or apply a small amount into the palm of your hand and apply on On your skin after your shower. 

Aqua Nora was created to remind me of the ocean bay my dear grandmother (yes, my hero is Nora) who took me and my siblings almost daily to the ocean very early in the mornings. Not until I had kids of my own did I fully appreciate the value of those quality mornings walks to the bay.

Fresh and light, yet crisp like the Caribbean morning ocean breeze.

Honshu Breeze created memories of Japan with Asian pear, jasmine, vanilla, mimosa and rose petals.

Light, fresh, seductive spring air and fresh blossoms.

Lavender A blend of French, English and Bulgarian lavender, we claim this as our own and you can own it with pride.

Bliss - Nothing says sultry like this earthy sensuous mix which includes jasmine and sandalwood. Hug your self and feel love.

Absolute Rose - Made with the best of the best-rose absolute oil. The true, pure scent of affection in a bottle.

Stripe- This is a dimensional masculine scent; made with a blend of oils which includes black pepper, jasmine, pettigrain, and ginger.

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