About Us

Every scent has a memory, make one naturally!

Spahket was founded in January 2012 by Hilda Crick-McDermott. In 2003 Hilda's youngest son was diagnosed with the Kawasaki Disease and her family has been using natural products ever since. However, she struggled to find natural products that were good enough to help her eczema ridden children, yet pure enough to be trusted.

A few years ago a friend who knew of Hilda's passion suggested she start her own business; with a combination of experience along with extensive research and product testing on family, loyal friends and neighbors, Spahket was created - a line of luxurious, natural products.

Spahket is committed to creating natural, luxury, superior quality products that can be used for our own families. We believe in kindness, respect and integrity.

Our company is built on values inspired by nature - natural luxury means, simply natural. We believe that less is more and more is what you deserve.

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