Exfoliating Coconut Cane Sugar Coffee Body Scrub
Coconut Cane Sugar Scrub
Exfoliating Coconut Cane Sugar Body Scrub with Turmeric
Coconut Cane Sugar Scrub

Coconut Cane Sugar Scrub

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Cane Sugar Turmeric Scrub Clean, exfoliate and renew with our uplifting body and face scrub. 

Made with cane sugar, coconut oil, lemon grass essential oil, turmeric and rosemary antioxidant, Castile soap, Vitamin E. 

Cane Sugar Turmeric Scrub The next best thing to being on a Caribbean beach gently exfoliating your skin with lush rich sand.

Scour, and revive your skin with this exhilarating coffee and cane sugar scrub. Infused with added coconut oil castile soap and Vitamin E.