SpaHket is about a perfect blend of natural luxury. We make body and skincare products with a fresh, natural and new feel. Our products are made entirely by hand in our Stoufville studio. Our company is built on values inspired by nature - naturally simple-simply natural.


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  • Yhudy on

    Since I need body lotion round the whole year ( that means quite a lot :P ), I like to try sonithemg new time to time. If sonithemg new is not moisturized enough, I add some pure glycerol ( 純甘油 ), and I found it just works so wonderful!

  • Rana on

    I just bought your face cream from your booth at the Unionville Farmer’s Market and I have been using it everyday since Sunday….it’s amazing! I have really dry skin but when I put it on my face it is moisturized all day, I don’t need to reapply like my other face cream! I’m really happy that I decided to try your cream. I’m definitely going to buy more when I run out. :)

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